Wilted Lettuce Salad; the update – tile — 9 Comments

  1. I can just imagine trying to get that tub up stairs!!!
    Two things I must try: apple balsamic vinegar and wilted lettuce.

  2. Scary, ha, I’ll say. The tub on you, rope around the neck. What was he thinking. Around his neck? Maybe he thought if the tub landed on you, they’d hang him and he should just get it over with then and there. Gadfry.
    Love the salad. I loved my grandmother’s wilted salads.

  3. Oh yes, you do have to post pics of the finished bathroom! Don’t be teasing! 🙂
    Very funny story and I’m glad it was you and not me. I probably would’ve panicked and dropped it.
    Your salad is great and we had it most nights in the summer growing up, fresh from the garden. I still make it quite often but, use hot bacon drippings instead of olive oil.

  4. You have to post a photo of the finished bathroom. Getting the tub upstairs could have gone very wrong:D I have some apple/pear balsmaic vinegar that would be perfect for this dressing Katie.

  5. I have to share the tub maneuver with David. It is almost better than me holding a board while he swung a mallet and missed the board and got me. Around his neck? That is priceless. Your lettuce looks like mine. I’ll have to try this recipe.

  6. Pam, the apple balsamic is yummy – as is the salad…
    Tanna, I don’t ask what he’s thinking…. also scary. Don’t you just love these old recipes?
    Pam, my bacon is so lean I have to fry it in olive oil to get it started…. so I use both. LOL
    Val, I don’t think about it. Apple/pear – I bet that’s lovely…. I can almost smell it through the screen.
    Ina, I can hardly wait, too.
    Terry, that does sound good – but pears aren’t in season here, yet. A few more weeks – maybe the lettuce will last.
    Penny, why do we do this? Help them, I mean? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it hahaha

  7. Hm, it looks like the bathroom is ready to rock! So far, so good. Those tiles look very good – the perfect addition to the room.