Barbecued Ginger Rosemary Pork Loin; the update — 13 Comments

  1. The bathroom is moving right along and it looks great! Plumbing is a mystery to me and I sympathize with you! The pork for dinner looks great, tender and juicy!

  2. Katie – the bathroom is looking fantastic….my DH says plumbing sucks! It would make him cranky too…I think I would go hide somewhere if he were doing our plumbing. The pork looks divine! Ina

  3. Plumbing day sounds completely unappealing. I always hate it when they turn off the water in my building for repairs…it always happens to be when i want to shower.
    This pork loin looks awesome. I need to try that marinade.

  4. LOL! You hate plumbing day, but I love seeing your plumbing progress… so I love your plumbing day! Your bathroom is really looking great!

  5. I remember the fun of bathroom renovations. I had a broken shower door for weeks before I even hired someone to renovate and my downstairs neighbor kept harassing me about water leakage into his apartment, but he wouldn’t allow the plumber access to his place so that tests could be run.
    Okay, that happened a few years ago. Can I still have some pork to help recover from the ordeal? I’m still a little traumatized when I think about it.

  6. How do you find the time to renovate a bathroom AND cook such culinary delights!

  7. Ooooo I have so been there with you sitting quietly in the corner. Only just now am I given my orders for the filters I’m to find at the hardware store.
    LOVE the bath room!!!!
    Plumbing days … can only just be moved pasted … the sooner the better.

  8. Leeks? You have leeks coming out of your plumbing? That garden really *is* misbehaving (sorry, couldn’t help it).
    And I too had to cook something special last week for my sweetheart after he re-plumbed my garden spigot — plumbing is arduous, and at least around here inspires much swearing. Too bad he disparaged my elderly washing machine at the same time, causing it to promptly give up the ghost!

  9. Pam, prok good, plumbing… not so much…
    Elizabeth, sure – and after you can help with the wall.
    Thanks, Ina. Thankfully, the plumbing will soon be done.
    Peter, it will still be good when you get back 😉
    Joanne, I don’t get to complain about the water on plumbing days… Gasoline on a fire and all that.
    Val, slow but sure…. usually
    Lannae, I love seeing the progress, too.
    Rachael, you can still have the pork – plumbing is traumatic
    Refurb – even (or especially) plumbers have to eat.
    Tanna, quiet as a mouse…. no complaints….
    Charlotte – I can actually spell quite well… Can’t type worth a damn, though, and hate proofreading. Sometimes what comes out of the fingertips is not the same as what the brain is sending…. Strange, huh!
    Well they never learn not to bad-mouth appliances? Mon mari was lashing out at the lawnmower yesterday. Today, when I volunteered to do the mowing, it had a flat tire.

  10. In plumbing you need to love it before working with it, so you won’t get frustrated and you won’t notice the time. Although it was terrible for him, the result would be the opposite. I’m sure, at some point, he felt joy placed the tub. I can see light coming from the window. OH, it must be relaxing to settle in and let the morning sun kiss your face! And oh, that dish made me feel hungry! It’s a great reward for a man who hates plumbing but still does it. =)