Barbecued Veal Chops; Weekly Menu Plan — 8 Comments

  1. Veal has become non-existent at the grocery store but I am sure I could find it at the butchers. I see a grilled corn salad in your fiture:D

  2. Your garden sounds wonderful…I would sit out there with a fork too! Hope the same thing happens in my neck of the woods, but at least we have a great farmer’s market.

  3. Val, it’s as common as pork here. I love doing roasts on the grill, too. But, you can probably get good beef!
    Ina, I hope yours ‘explodes’ soon LOL
    Gilli, yeah, I’ve got to get started…. soon!

  4. Veal is really expensive here and I’m not too big on beef, but we have great pork and seafood…and there is always chicken. Love the sound of your garden! We are getting zucchini…a lot of it…but still waiting for the beans, tomatoes, melons (which will probably not happen it’s been so cool), etc. Very happy for you and I’ll bet your freezer will be full before long.

  5. The days of a good butcher have been so curtailed. I had a great butcher when we lived in St Louis, doubt you’d find one now.
    Your “veal” sounds good.

  6. If you need a partner to join you in the garden with a fork, I would be much obliged! This veal looks fantastic. I definitely don’t cook veal enough.

  7. Elle, I gave up on the melons… never much success. We get great seafood – but the hubs doesn’t like it (Sigh!)
    Tanna, all of our supermarkets have butchers – and there are still local ones – almost as common as bakeries.
    Joanne, bring your fork… I can’t keep up!