Grilled Turkey Pesto Rolls with Tomato Avocado Sauce; the update — 13 Comments

  1. The bathroom is looking great and the really great thing about it is that your “mon mari” can do the work himself. The tile looks beautiful and a good thing with the light in the shower also. Can’t wait to see the finished product and bet you can’t either.
    The rolls look delicious with all the great colors!

  2. You’re kidding about the toilet–what, you *don’t* want to look out the window and be able to set stuff on the tub and be able to look right out the bathroom door from the toilet? 😉
    Those turkey rolls look terrific. I’m going to try them probably tomorrow night.

  3. Great thinking! I love the light in my walk in shower! (I just had to say that.. walk in shower sounds so grand no?)
    We do have light switches ánd outlets in the bathroom…is that not allowed in the US? New meaning of the word dark room hehe

  4. I get to use kitchen string! How sad is it that it excites me so. Maybe it’s not that I’m going to use kitchen string and more that I know how and when to use is properly, which would not have been the case a year ago. These look super-tasty, but you have to tell me what a grill basket is. – gary

  5. Pam, I am lucky that he can do so much (and he’s lucky I let him LOL)
    Tracy, actually, we will be able to look out the window… it will be up against the same wall the vanity is on, behind the little half wall.
    Baking Soda, allowed in the US but not in the UK. I went crazy in Ireland with no oulets in the bathrooms. And we had an English electrician doing the box and setting up the mains here and I had to twist his arm to get an outlet in the bathroom. He put the switch outside the door though. But after he left mon mari put the light in the shower LOL
    Gary, just for you I added a link in the post to take you to grill baskets…. I’m so glad you’re so excited. It’s the little things….
    Kirstes, we were happy – I’ll make them again. We use the basket for vegetbales and burgers, too.
    Ina, and they work great for seafood – anything that is small. Makes turning so much easier

  6. The bathroom is lookin good….
    But the turkey rolls are what really have me drooling (and yeah it would be kind of weird if I started drooling over a bathroom). I love that avocado tomato sauce!

  7. You’re doing all this work yourself?! Amazing. So handy you are! I love tomato avocado anything. I could eat it for breakfast. Hope the beans are coming along.

  8. Val, pesto is the best thing about summer!
    Joanne, you could drool IN the bathroom…. I’d bring you the tukey rolls….
    Nirmala, had the first beans last night…. I wonder how they would be with tomatoes and avocadoes…..
    Lannae, thanks….
    tigerfish, they do resemble shrimp!