Italian Picnic Pasta Salad; Menu of the Week — 7 Comments

  1. Its too early in the morning to work out relationships Katie. My brain is not in gear yet but the pasta salad sounds great. Of course July 4th tomorrow we are going out to lunch and I am taking Ina Garten’s Deep Dish Apple Pie. Is that American enough?

  2. Pam, it’s my favorite…..
    Gilli, I’m mowing lawn – you’re celebrating more than we will LOL
    Val, but most of them bought it at the deli…..
    Tanna, they were fun…. mostly!

  3. At least your family didn’t all bring jelly salads with multi-coloured marshmallows and grated carrots floating in them.
    J’adore pasta salad!! Good idea to put rhinocerous meat in! (That is what the hard salami is made from, isn’t it?)

  4. Elizabeth – how do you know? Lime jello with floating bananas was always a favorite. And there was always mayo to put on the one with grated carrots – it was a Jello Salad