Potato, Red Onion and Gruyère Packets; Summer Nights in France — 9 Comments

  1. What a lovely sounding evening! Glad you finally have summer…still has not arrived here, and today, more rain. Potatoes, herbs, and cheese? Yum…Ina

  2. I don’t know how I feel about snakes mating. I think that’s one thing I could live without seeing.
    That night market sounds fantastic! What a great way to spend the evening. And the potatoes look great…perfect for this weekend’s festivities.

  3. The potatoes look delicious! Yum! Good job with the fire wood and now you are all set for winter. Makes me want to have a fireplace. It must be a “man” thing with the chain saw. It makes me shudder. And I bet that was fascinating with the snakes. Good that they have a place to raise their young now. Fresh oysters; that is a fabulous thing! Lucky you! It all sounds great!

  4. Woah! Those snakes are scary! Are those dangerous? Can’t imagine myself passing on snakes. Anyway, your potato packet looks delightful. As I browse your recipe, I think it’s easy to follow. I just wish I could have the same perfect outcome as yours.
    – Tera

  5. You had me at Gruyère Packets…:) Add potatoes and yummo!
    That pic of the snakes is so interesting! Snakes need love too….lol

  6. These potatoes look fantastic, Katie. (How embarrassing; I’m drooling on the keyboard….)
    But I hate the idea of losing any of the cheese. Maybe there’s a way to avoid using the foil at all. I wonder if you could use a cast-iron pan with an old cake tin as a lid. (Or does the lid have to be tight?)
    (How cool to see the snakes!!)

  7. Yes sometimes you just have to be there.
    Night market, what an incredible dream of an idea.
    Haven’t I seen non-stick foil? I have to do the potatoes … holey moley those look fabulous! I’ll listen carefully. I should be able to do them in the oven.

  8. Ina, I’m so gald it finally arrived! (summer). So is my garden!
    Joanne, it wasn’t on my list of ‘must see’s’ but it was rather fascinating. They were so graceful!
    Pam, I always loved having a fireplace. Now that we rely on the wood stove for heat…. not so much!
    Val, summer is short here – July and August, officially, but busy
    HealthyFoods, no, not dangerous… just grass snakes.
    Chris, anything with cheese ;-))
    Elizabeth, it’s easier getting it out of the alu pan, but there’s not the crisp crust. I don’t lose any – just carefully pick the foil off with fingernails.
    Tanna, I use lots of oil…. Then I pick off the stuck bits. Oven is good, but no crispy bottom.