Preserving Herbs; Using summer’s herbs in winter, Summer Basmati Pilaf — 8 Comments

  1. So much success. I love it. I did not have success in growing basil. We had a very cool spring and summer. Next year I will try again.

  2. Katie – your herbs are beautiful! And genius – I never thought of freezing them in chicken stock – my chives, rosemary, basil, thyme is just waiting! So far I have 1 batch of pesto that I have frozen, but now I can hardly wait to freeze the other herbs. Thanks for the tip, Ina

  3. I’ve been making batches of infused vinegars and oils! Thanks for reminding me to freeze my chives!

  4. Hi, me again…will be doing another garden post in the next day or so, so I will do a link to your post on freezing herbs. Ina

  5. What a clever idea – the ice cubes with herbs frozen in! I’m going to do that with my thyme and oregano, as both need cutting back just now. Thanks!

  6. A very nice compendium of preservation options. I have only tried the ice cube one for pesto. Will definitely follow your lead and freeze some chives. Thanks!

  7. Nirmala, I thought I had lost all of my basil about a month ago – but, thankfully, it came back!
    Ina, the pesto is next on my list – yeasterday I did basil and tarragon. – thanks for the link – I’ll be over….
    Pam, I forgot about making vinegars…. next cuttings
    Zoomie, it’s just so easy to grab a cube and toss in…
    Val, after a slow start it’s doing well. In Andorra I only had a patio garden – can be frustrating.
    Simona, chives stay such a pretty color when frozen, so many others (basil) turn brownish