Purple Green Beans; growing and freezing beans — 11 Comments

  1. i love your purple beans – we only grow green beans, but this sure adds a bit of colour to the garden!

  2. Those are so beautiful!! (And the bug is very cute too. Does it eat the beans?)
    I was thinking that maybe adding a tiny bit of vinegar might set the colour – it works for beet greens and red Swiss chard, so it might work for purple beans too.

  3. Katie – those look soooo good. I could cry…my garden is very sad this year, on the Westcoast we have had a very cool, foggy summer…not much of a garden this year…I’m gonna miss those beautiful beans! Last year was incredible…now not so…oh well, there is still hope for next year. Ina

  4. we have been pressure cooking our breen beans with some Mrs dash and canadian bacon and we are not tired of them yet

  5. I love that you paired the beans with green and purple basil. The dish is just beautiful. I didn’t know about the baking soda trick either. Must try that one.

  6. I love fresh green beans! I have to confess, I have never tried a purple been before. I am going to have to find some.

  7. Magic, summer colors ae so vibrant!
    Maria, and the flowers are so pretty – these were heirloom seeds.
    Elizabeth, the packet said they turned green when cooked so I didn’t even think about preserving the color. Now I shall experiment.
    Ina, mine was sad last year – but because of the rabbits. Didn’t know then, though.
    Shayne, I keep telling mon mari I need a pressure cooker. He keeps not listening.
    Christing, my purple basil has been the best ever this year. Usually it doesn’t do much but this year it’s gone crazy.

  8. Green beans are definitely the best just pulled off the vine. When I was little I used to go outside, pick them and eat them raw right there. So delish.
    I also just wrote a post partially about a purple veggie–cauliflower. It, too, tastes just like the regular kind. But having random spots of purple on your plate is fun.

  9. Baking Barrister, I saw purple cauliflower once – and orange and green. When I went back to buy they were gone, never to return. I dearly love my beans…

  10. blanching with a bit of baking soda or frying in butter will preserve the purple color
    I didn’t know that! It would be great if it worked.
    I will have to try this, these are my favourite beans and I grow them every year in my little veg bed.
    What a lovely blog this is, I saw your post on Ulrike’s blog…