Stuffed Baby Zucchini; Foiled by Minitel; Weekly Menu — 5 Comments

  1. Those babies are too cute! They should be the star at a baby shower … or they’d do really beautifully at a “Little Bites” dinner.
    Minitel … who would have thought!

  2. Katie – I must try this! Our summer has been sooo slow, I am only now getting zucchini. Hilarious story…but understand the frustration too! Ina

  3. Tanna, I am constantly amazed – yes, Minitel. Now I want to see one in real life… Guess I’ll have to visit the chimney sweep.
    Ina,. got to keep those zuccninis in check – pick’em young….

  4. That sounds like a lovely way to use zucchini – and a coup of gigantic proportions in getting service for your chimneys! Brava on both!

  5. Zoomie, it’s such a relief to have it all done. It took him all morning, but he does a thorough job. Put a ladder right up the inside of the chimney!