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The Bread Baking Babes are sprouting! — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! Next time we will surely have a bread with flour…that doesn’t need a food processor, right? Like the admonition to ‘be nice’ for the anniversary bread. Should be interesting to see what is suggested 🙂 Thanks for including me in the wonderful Bread Baking Babes!

  2. Perfect Babe … we’re not all perfect … gosh.
    I’m with you & Elle on the ‘be nice’ … but you know sometimes that can have the opposite effect.

  3. Elle, so nice to have you with us ;-))If we can make something from nothing, surely bread from ‘no flour’.
    Tanna…. perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 😉

  4. Thanks for the great round-up!
    I am totally backing you up on your need for a food processor. They are lots of fun. 🙂
    Tell votre mari that kitchen appliances are more romantic than jewelry. I think so anyway!

  5. You guys truly are some serious babes. You should make a bread baking babe calendar. I would totally buy it and hang you all on my wall.
    Love this flourless bread!

  6. Hi Katie – as a Celiac – we make bread without “flour” all the time…that is we use Gluten Free Flours – and its yummy! Took me a few years to perfect….but even my husband likes it better than regular wheat bread. A new food processor? Mine still works, but it is a dinosaur..I’ll have to think of a new recipe that needs a bigger food processor than the one I have! Ina

  7. Many thanks again for including me in your select group! It has been fun but like Elle, I’m really looking forward to dipping my hands into flour and having the only machinery required to be the oven to bake the bread.
    We rarely use our food processor but it is awfully handy for making falafel, chicken liver pate, palak (for palak paneer) and prune filling for cake. It was with some trepidation that I used it to make the flourless sprout bread though. The last time I made bread with the food processor, I broke the shaft. (Even though it was fixable, I was NOT popular.)
    Ina, my hat’s off to you. Making bread without glutens is NOT an easy thing to do, having made gluten-free bread a couple of times.

  8. Joanne, a calendar – with us all in nothing but our aprons? Could add, er, interest to the wall….
    Natashya, can’t I have both? New toys and new jewelry? Oh, alright….. just the new toys. Can’t wear jewelry while making bread (or laying tile) anyway.
    Ina, I had one in the US but it didn’t get moved – wrong current and all that. I really only miss it a few times a year. – Like now.
    Elizabeth, kneading is such good upper body work…. I could use my stand mixer but I like doing it by hand.