White Wine Sangria; Cheap wine and a Tapa — 12 Comments

  1. Wow, that is inexpensive wine…even in Canada we pay at least 1/4 to usually double what the States pays for wine! I have not made Sangria before, looks so refreshing!

  2. Ha!!! Great minds think alike! We just rediscovered Sangria this summer. It had been years since we had it (university days, I’m thinking). We thought of it when strawberries were in season and we used inexpensive an South American red wine. Now peaches are in season and we tried adding them to white wine last week. It was brilliant!!! Silly us. We thought we invented it!!
    Our Sangria recipe is similar to yours except we omit the peach liqueur and just add peaches, oranges, lemons and club soda to the wine.
    Isn’t it wonderfully refreshing?

  3. Do they still have bodegas in Spain? We used to bring our own containers to the bodega and buy bulk wine drawn from giant casks at ridiculously low prices, prices even lower than you mentioned. They even had aperitifs and cordials in bulk.

  4. Here in BC you can’t find any wine from any country for less than $12. I remember in Europe wine was often cheaper than water and certainly less expensive than a Coke…this of course was in the 70’s:D

  5. “Graciously accept praise” LOVE THAT! Will definitely be stealing it. I also love the chick pea patty idea. Great post!

  6. So maybe, just maybe, even I could sip that sangria and still manage to make the chickpea nibbles.
    We have several super cheapies that we use for our sangria!

  7. Love Sangria! Wish I could drink it more (but can’t with my wine intolerance). Instead, I make Sangria cupcakes and bring them to Sangria eaters! 😉
    Love the chickpea patties. And, although I am bad need of grocery shopping, I am going to try some with what little I have here. Will let you know! 🙂 Love chickpeas!

  8. Great munchies and drink. I prefer white sangria (less headaches?). Ga-ga over your chickpea patties. Seriously bookmarked.

  9. Ina, Andorra doesn’t have taxes so that’s a big part of it.
    Cindy, I love the peach flavor – and the liqueur is good over ice cream….
    Elizabeth, it is, and not nearly so nap-inducing as the red version.
    Brassfrog, they do, and in France as well. And still ridiculously low prices. Our friend in Spain, buys in bulk and bottles it himself for storage.
    Val, still less expensive than Coke ;-)) The prices in Ireland were very high when we lived there – lots of tax
    Kirsten, I hope you enjoy them both…. trust me, you’ll get praise!
    Tanna, they are so much better if you sip whilst making!
    Chris, wine intolerance? Bummer. You could just drink the peche….
    Susan,absolutley fewer headaches – and naps..