Zucchini – freezing and using; Winter Zucchini Gratin — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Katie – what a great idea, of using the zucchini as a thickener in other soups! And talk about healthy, fresh out of the garden. And Zucchini Gratin? Yum….Thanks for the ideas, Ina

  2. Absolutely great suggestions for that pesky excess summer squash. Previously I’ve pickled it and dehydrated it and made gratin to freeze, but this is much, much easier. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the post-we planted out first garden this year and it appears we will have a bit more zucchini than we anticipated! ( :

  4. Ina, I always plant too much. Desperation breeds creativity.
    Pam, it’s good both hot in winter and chilled (with a bit of milk added – and fresh basil) for summer
    Brassfrog, I never tried pickling…. I used to do lots of canning (bottling) – now I freeze. A bit riskier but so much easier. (My freezer died last winter – I now have a new one and I vow to check it every day.)
    Dawnm everyone does. Pick it small, use the flowers…and freeze it when it gets away from you – hahaha

  5. Always looking for new ways to use this veggie! Great idea to both cook and freeze shredded. My favorite is still the pasta sauce I make where the squash replaces meat. I grind up the squash with tomato sauce in a blender until it looks (sort of) like ground meat, then into the pan with onion and garlic and herbs and tomatoes. No one misses the meat, either.

  6. Elle, the French like to put slices in the lasagne (alnog with meat), I love your idea, tho

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