Caprese Cocktail; Freezing Tomatoes — 9 Comments

  1. My goodness, everything is beautiful. I can almost taste the tomatoes looking at them.

  2. Thanks for this — and the note on freezing basil. Neo-basilists in the US argue that the herb can’t be frozen. They’ve basiled down the hatches against any notion of frost touching their beloved stems. Now comes tomatoes — beauty of that yellow soup be d*mned. (What a gorgeous looking soup!) So into the freezer they go with us. It’s not like basil or tomatoes are available (in recognizable taste, anyway) here in the high desert, in the winter.

  3. I’d never have thought a row of bagged tomatoes could be a rainbow!
    Wish I had a few tomatoes from the garden this year. Not here.

  4. I love the caprese cocktail – I wouldn’t have thought of serving it that way but it’s lovely and a little playful – gonna steal that idea!

  5. So many gorgeous tomatoes. It’s not hot enough where I live to grow big tomatoes so I grow lots of cherries, etc. I’m learning a lot about freezing from you.

  6. Evelyn, I’ve been having such fun with all my colorful tomatoes….
    TikiPundit, It’s always nicest to use fresh…. but frozen is the next best thing. Basil is delicious – but is is just food… Sometimes foodies get a bit over the top with perfection ;-))
    Ina, it was a fun cocktail!
    Tanna, I didn’t have any last year… this year is making up for it and then some!
    Zoomie, too much time in the kitchen last week – LOL
    Nirmala, no tomatoes? Maybe cherry tomatoes would work…. Glad the tips help!
    Christine, thanks – my freezer is almost full!