Caprese Quiche; the update – finally — 10 Comments

  1. Katie – I love your cabinets! The glass doors are gorgeous!And
    what is not to love about Quiche – one of my all time favorites!

  2. Your kitchen looks beautiful. I could never do glass-front doors. I’m way too messy!
    Love the quiche. Caprese is one of my favorites and that’s a clever variation. I really like the brown rice crust. It’s something I need to consider since I am trying to get rid of the gluten.

  3. The cabinets are truly beautiful and, to my mind, totally worth the wait!!
    And your quiche looks delicious. I’ve made a crust with barley, but never with brown rice. Brilliant!

  4. This must sound repetitive by now, but your kitchen’s looking beautiful. =) I’ve always loved glass cabinets myself, though the tricky part is keeping the inside looking nice enough to show off. Something I have yet to master.
    This quiche has definitely made it onto my list of ‘must-try’s. Mozzarella, tomato, and basil…mm, how can I not love those? The brown rice is interesting though, I’ve only ever made pie crusts for quiche.

  5. Ina, thanks. I’m really happy with the glass doors! And the quiche….
    Rachel, I only have glass on half of the upper doors – for that reason. I love the rice crust – obviously LOL
    Christine – barley… what a good idea! You know I love barley….
    Cindy, thanks – for both!
    Zoomie, yeah, it’s good to have it behind us.
    Val, yes, soon… maybe this week!
    AJ, as I said… not a pastry chef ‘-)) The main glass doors or on a shallow cabinet that just holds wine glasses – I’m hoping I can keep it neat…
    Meredith – yay! someone else that does it! Thanks!
    manningroad, and it has such a nutty taste, more depth to it than pastry. (IMHO)