Chicken, Green Bean and Tomato Pasta with Peanut Dressing; Retro McDo’s — 14 Comments

  1. Great pics! I have been consciously avoiding McDonalds for the last year or so, but your post is very very tempting.

  2. I, too, avoid McD’s and have done so for years, but I love your photos. I think your French Bordeaux McDo’s looks more authentic than at least the ones I’ve seen in California.
    And would I ever have thought of putting a peanut sauce on pasta? No. But I will now!

  3. When I was a kid the closest McD’s to my house was one like this with the red and white tile and the big arches. It was also counter service only. There were no tables. This was back in the 70s and I think this McD’s was the last of its kind – at least in my area. I wished for the sit-down McDonalds that were everyplace else. They eventually tore down the retro one and built a big new one with tables. Now I miss the kitsch of the old one!
    Love the peanut dressing on the pasta salad. Nice combo!

  4. Glad to her ton mari is feeling so much better that his taste for American fast food has returned. Love the interior of that place – and the Caddy.

  5. Eeek!!! YOu’re hosting? Rats. And me with TWO amazing pasta dishes to rave about but nothing at all written. Goodness how sad to miss the party.
    Your trip to McDo’s scares the pants off me. And how really sad to hear that a Mcbacon-cheeseburger with Mcfries is better than French hospital food. Shame on them. (The hospital kitchen)

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  7. I hope ton mari is doing very well, and need not return to the hospital! And McD’s huh? At least you were able to go to a really nice once, and I am glad you both found things to eat that was tasty enough. I don’t eat much McD’s maybe only once per year. Last week, I was running through the Chicago airport to catch a connection, and got a small burger and fries (my only McD’s this year so far). In about 20 min, my gut did not feel good at all. In the past few years, it has been this way. I just need to give up McD’s.

  8. Pam, all the fat and salt you can eat.
    TV, we don’t do it often, every year or so…. but, what the hell!
    Christine, McDo’s food is a little different here… the salads are not bad, and the burgers… well….
    Ina, it was fun to go to…. I wanted to see the inside.
    Nirmala, I love peanut sauce… with almost anything.
    Rachel, this was such a fun one – back to my childhood, too
    Zoomie, it’s good to have it over… and something about a pink caddie….
    Elizabeth, the hospital food in the diabetic unit was good, but this surgery unit…..
    Thanks, Vincent, I’ll check it out
    Lannae, once a year is good…. this was fun!

  9. Hmmm, I wonder what it is about surgery unit food. The last time I was incarcerated was for acute appendicitis. While I was still on fluids, the lady next to me was being made to eat as much as possible so she’d weigh enough to HAVE her required surgery. She was perfectly happy to eat. If it was edible.
    Once, she was valiantly eating some green soup they had brought. I asked her what it was. No idea. She tasted it again, looked puzzled, read her menu plan and said, “I think it’s supposed to be broccoli. It’s the right colour. Sort of.”

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