Grilled and Smoked Salmon Lasagne; the ‘interesting’ day continues — 12 Comments

  1. Sorry about the speeding ticket, too bad 🙁 But the recipe sounds delicious. I’m not a big lasagna fan because of all the ground beef. I didn’t know there was a fish alternative. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. No fair ticketing for such a minor infraction! Grrrr! I actually think the speed cameras are a good idea (we need them here) but they should set the “gain” a little higher.

  3. That looks yummy! But seriously 8kms over the limit? Come on….here in Canada they kind of let you go over to 10…but not a smigin more. We used to have those cameras too…then they took them away…not sure why, but happy they did, even tho I never go over 10 clicks anyways…bummer about your ticket I say Grrrr too!

  4. I think I need both the Grilled Salmon and the Butternut Squash Lasagne.
    Speeding ticket … that is the topper for an “interesting” day.

  5. You definitely killed 2 birds with one stone by getting your teeth cleaned and your face exgoliated at the same time:D Talk about time management which gave you plenty of time to whip up this delicious lasagna!

  6. Loulou, merde describes it perfectly! He’s doing great… other than no lifting almost back to normal.
    Nancy, I rarely use ground beef in lasagne – chicken, ham, tuna… not beef :-))
    Pam, they are precise!
    Zoomie, my ticket said 3 was okay, 4 was not…
    Ina, it’s not like they don’t warn us…. It’s a tough one to argue. I’ve always had a bit of a lead foot.
    Tanna, I thought it topped it off rather nicely – could have done without it, tho…
    Val, I do like to multi-task

  7. We have the cameras set up to go here, but so far not in use. I’m not looking forward to it, as I also have a bit of a lead foot.
    Nice that he grills AND smokes for you. The recipe sounds terrific.

  8. Speeding tickets and teeth cleaning are no fun. Good thing they were followed up by such a delicious looking lasagna. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. And thanks for hosting this week’s roundup!

  9. Claudia, I don’t have a problem in principle with the cameras… We do know the speed limit. It’s just that lead foot…..
    Ruth, Always my pleasure… the hosting, not the others….

  10. Yum! I am a lasagna man and in my whole life, I have never seen any dish like this! Thanks for the recipe. I can do it myself while having vacation here in Bartlett. It’s good that you still find time to visit your dentist with that day schedule.