Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Tapenade; I lost the will to cook — 13 Comments

  1. That looks fabulous!!
    And I know what you mean about losing the will to cook. We go through that too, finding ourselves eating the same old slop (that is still the best slop on the block).
    What I’ve started to do is put back issues of SAVEUR magazine into the bathroom – someone is bound to be inspired.
    We just got some beautiful fresh Romano beans today. I think I need to point T in the direction of your pasta with grilled chicken and tapenade. It should work with Romano beans instead of chickpeas, shouldn’t it?

  2. Katie – that looks sooo good! I would love to see your cook book collection – several hundred? I’m drooling…I so understand your desire for more cook books, me too! Whenever I get in a slump, I will pull out one of my books for inspiration…works every time!

  3. Bellini Valli, you should research and write a cookbook about cooking for one, with reduced recipes! I can also recommend the Sunset magazine cookbook, “Cooking for Two, or just for you.” It’s old now but if you can find a copy, it’s got some super recipes.
    Katie, I have ‘way too many cookbooks, too, but I’m a piker compared to you. Oh, and BTW, you didn’t carry a “tomb” through the airport, I’m sure. It was a tome.

  4. You are too funny. I only have a handful of cookbooks, but my library is slowly growing. It’s almost impossible for me to justify needing cookbooks when there are so many wonderful recipes on blogs like yours. I seem to “print out” more than I “look up,” though I do seem to accumulating a lot of books on the science of food – why things go together, why we cook certain foods the way we do. Fascinating to me. I really love your blog and always look forward to your posts – Gary

  5. hahaa love that you call The Fairy Godmother…
    Oh and I am NOT going to go look what the “Culinaria” series is all about! I am not… am I? *sigh*

  6. Katie, I too have the old Time Life Series! It still transports me around the world. The Culinaria series sounds pretty spectacular too. And by the way, can a person have too many cookbooks? I think not!
    Love this particular dish of yours. I can’t wait to try it and I can’t wait to see what your Presto Pasta Night roundup looks like. My pasta pot and giant pasta bowl are ready and waiting.

  7. I’m with you. But, going online and reading all the creative dishes cooked up is so inspiring, I usually get out of my slumps. Cookbooks and magazines help too though. Now these two dishes are on my to try list.

  8. All those pasta dishes look wonderful. I want to eat them all.
    I enjoy cookbooks too. What are you top three favorites?

  9. Val, when I cook for one I just cut everything down – 1/2 cup pasta or 1/4 cup rice…. takes getting used to.
    Elizabeth, of course… Use them all. One can never have too many legumes! I love Romano beans.
    Ina, I look at them all regularly… just needed something new.
    Zoomie, between my bad typing and crazy spell check…. yes, a tomb would have been way to heavy. Fixed it – thanks!
    TV food and drink, I love those, too! McGee….among others
    Astrid, of course you are….;-))
    Ruth, I love that old series… not as fancy as the newer ones, but great recipes.
    Claudia, oh yes, the magazines…. love those, too.
    Nirmala, My 3 favorites – that’s easy… the three in front of me – the newest ones, always LOL

  10. Those books sound fabulous! I have a couple in the Beautiful series. My mom (one of your fans, too) has the Time-Life series. I can look up things in Google Books and then call her with the page number. 🙂 But I don’t have the Culinaria series. I’ll have to look into that one.
    One of my favorite series was written in the 50s by a travel/food writer. I’ve mislaid them somewhere, but basically he was a war correspondent who’d lived all over France and Italy and noticed how the traditional foods of each town varied, even if the town was only a mile from another one. It was completely based on what grew or lived within walking distance. Fascinating books, with stories about how entire towns would turn out to pick snails from leaves when it would rain, or how a particular tomato had been cultivated. I may have lent these books to someone. These books come back into print once in awhile, when some boutique press decides to do a reprint.

  11. Tracy, the Culinaria is gorgeous, but the last one I bought was paperback, not hardcover and I wouldn’t recommend it. The typeface is much too small to casually browse whilst doing something else, which is what I like to do. The Food Lover’s Journey on the other hand, also paperback, is beautiful AND easy to browse….

  12. That sounds delicious. I would just use sunflower oil instead of olive oil.