Pesto Potato Salad; French Doctors; Weekly Menu — 8 Comments

  1. Now, I have to say that I’d be uncomfortable not knowing why I had surgery – or even why surgery was recommended. I’d be rude and ask questions. Maybe the nurses would tell him? Or maybe since his French isn’t strong, they don’t feel they can explain well enough?

  2. Zoomie, he knows why, he just doesn’t have the details of what they did. There were a couple of choices going in and they were going to decide once they had made the incision… and no, the nurses wouldn’t know. We’ll find out – eventually (He didn’t have a choice about it)

  3. It used to be a lot more like that here too when I started nursing school. Those were the days when doctors and patients thought the doctors were Gods … pretty dangerous position to try and fill if you ask me. But then nobody did ask me. It’s a rude awakening when everybody finally finds out they are just people.
    In the mean time it’s great to be recovering and look forward to home soon. Are you bringing him things like this potato salad to eat? Is hospital food better in France … I forget what you told us from before.

  4. Katie – wow! I am no doctor, or nurse for that matter, but I do holistic practice, – massage, reflexology and I just can not imagine that kind of attitude those dr’s have!I have had numerous consultations with alternative practitioners,and always, they have been more informative, more involved than any Canadian Doctor I have gone to! Good luck, it sounds worse than pulling teeth!

  5. What a nightmare. But as long as you feel like the doctors are actually taking care of you, then all is well, I guess.
    Mmmmm, basil pesto…. Nice idea to put it on potatoes!
    (We recently made a fabulous basil pesto with toasted pecans and zero cheese and served it with grilled shrimps. It was wonderful.)

  6. A different idea for a potato salad and certainly a pairing I’d not thought of before.

  7. Tanna, in the diabetic unit the food was pretty good. This is the surgery unit…. horrid. He hates fish and they’ve given it to him twice.
    Ina, the care is excellent – just not a lot of discussion and chatting….
    Elizabeth, the care really is top notch…. It just takes a bit of getting used to. I love pesto with seafood!
    Katerina, thanks, I like simple too.
    Scott, works for cold pasta, too.