Presto Pasta Nights: Week 177 — 12 Comments

  1. Excellent roundup, Katie! The only thing wrong with it is that I have to figure out some way to introduce another meal between lunch and dinner. There are so many dishes here that I suddenly neeeeeeeeed to try.
    (I’m happy to report that my site is back online again … at least I hope it is.)

  2. Glad to see you got out of your cooking slump. Thanks for hosting such an awesome roundup. Now to spend some time with each of the dishes…and their cooks, of course. Thanks all for a great feast.

  3. YUM-all the way across the board 🙂 Every dish sounds fabulous in its own right. Thank you for hosting and for such a delicious round-up!

  4. Thanks, Val… so very true!
    Pam, so would I… thanks!
    Elizabeth, you can have pasta for breakfast…
    Kirsten, thanks – I wish you could raid my garden, too!
    Ruth, you are so very welcome ;-))
    Ina, happy to! Thanks.
    Thanks, Food Hunter
    girlichef, thank you and you’re welcome….