Soup; another way of preserving the harvest! — 6 Comments

  1. Your soup looks delicious! I’ve never heard of green bean soup though and would love to try it. A couple of days ago, my neighbor brought over mushroom soup that she made. It was delicious, smooth and creamy! I usually make hearty soups; vegetable beef and bean soup with ham, etc. You have inspired me to try it as a thick puree!

  2. Soup is a staple here, especially in the cooler months. It is wise to cook some up now, when the produce is at it’s peak, and freeze it for later. Tomato soup with a bit of sherry is one of my favorites. Think I’ll go out to the garden and pick some right now!

  3. 😉 I just love soup so I’m happy with either camp of soup that arrives in my soup bowl.
    I made a huge tomato soup with fresh chicken stock before we left on this trip and loved it. I’ll love it again when we get home with the little I froze!
    I like your soup bases.

  4. Pam, I never had either… but I had so many beans I was desperate. It’s good!
    Cindy, I love adding sherry to food – tomato soup, eh? I’ll try it!
    Tanna, I love soup too, all types. Could live on it. Now I want tomato soup!
    Christine, it’s funny to see the pureed soups here – even Scotch Broth with lamb and vegetables – all whizzed up!
    Elle, exactly…. my garden.