Tomatoes: Can one actually have too many? — 6 Comments

  1. We’d be happy to have one or two ripe tomatoes on our plants this year – we’ve had a terrible tomato year, too cold to ripen what little fruit was set. 🙁

  2. Those heirlooms would also look gorgeous canned up in individual jars!Love thsi fresh sauce Kate. I wish I had an overabundance of tomatoes right now!!

  3. Oh boy, you’ve got Cherokee purple tomatoes! I love those the best. Funny that I didn’t plant them this year, but they grew as a volunteer in my tomato patch. Love it!
    Great idea about using the grater for quick fresh tomato sauce. I’ll try it!

  4. My personal favourite is an open-face fresh tomato sandwich on buttered grainy bread with dill weed, salt, pepper and the tiniest whisper of mayonnaise.
    I’m also a big fan of oven-roasting tomatoes.
    Alas, our garden is too shady for tomatoes. If you have too many, we’ll happily take some of yours off your hands?
    That pizza margherida looks wonderful. Have you tried adding a little anchovy to fresh tomato sauce?

  5. Zoomie, last year was a terrible tomato year for us…. sympathies…
    Val, they are all wonderful – the orange stripe are my favorite.
    Brassforg, I love the flavor – but it’s not very productive…. so I eat them all myself
    Elizabeth, I think a tomato sandwich is in my future….. the dill is done… maybe fresh marjoram (just to be different from the usual basil)
    Thanks, Chaya, and thanks for the link…