Vitello Tonnato; The Glorious Twelfth — 14 Comments

  1. My sister-in-law makes a chicken dish with a similar sauce – it sounds revolting but it is really delish. Enjoy your special meal and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a day late.

  2. Happy Birthday…
    The pleasures of cooking for one. Embrace it (as you always do!). Sorry I haven’t been around as much as I would like. I had connection issues, and it was all but impossible to load and comment on all the blogs I would have liked. But, all fixed and will return to being a regular. Hope all is well and the habitable parts of the house are expanding!

  3. Happy belated. Not so sure about this dish, and it seems there are a lot of steps I could easily muck up, but those often to turn out to be the most surprisingly delicious, so I’m going to print the recipe out and put it into my queue! Thanks – Gary

  4. Tanna, I know it’s not for everyone – but I love it!
    Zoomie, it doesn’t sound good if you’ve never tried it… chicken, eh? Thanks for the B-day wish
    Ina, thanks and thanks!
    Thanks, Christine… works with turkey cutlets, too ;-))
    Year of the Grill – Thanks! Cooking for one can be fun – for awhile. I’ve missed you but know about connection (and other) problems…..
    Magic of Spice – Thanks, my sentiments exactly ;-))
    Tv Food and Drink, it’s really not so bad… and it can all be done ahead so it’s great for a party. I like it because I can make my B-Day dinner in the afternoon and have a G & T before dinner….

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday! I fell in love with vitello tonnato after the first bite. I didn’t have it in a restaurant, nor at someone’s house, but in the hospital where I worked in Milan. Yes, vitello tonnato was served to the patients and in the staff’s cafeteria (I don’t remember how often they prepared it). So, I am totally with you on yur birthday present. I have never had the sauce on pasta: great idea!

  6. Happy birthday! Nice to have the whole nation celebrate your birthday 😛
    Birthdays are about having complete disregard for anyone’s feelings other than your own. I wholeheartedly approve.

  7. Thanks Pam….
    Simona, not that is good hospital food! I usually make too much sauce (darn!)
    Joanne, I thought it was rather nice that it was such a big holiday! I’m a bit self-absorbed…..
    Val, I did… It was…. Thanks ;-))

  8. I just signed up and everything look great.
    I wanted to know if you could have your tech people provide and option to print all daily menus with one press of a button. Not a big deal but it would be a time saver