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Zucchini Sundae’s (Courgette Splits); my week — 16 Comments

  1. You crack me up Katie! I would be on the couch eating bonbons and reading trashy novels too if I had to move all that wood twice!

  2. Tomatillos: Salsa!
    LOVE the looks of those Zucchini Splits! My Cucurbit species things flower like crazy but never bear fruit for some odd reason. This is over 4-5 seasons. NO clue at all why they won’t bear!

  3. I’ve never known what to do with tomatillos. Maybe consult a Spanish cookbook? Best of healing vibes sending to ton mari and my wish for you is more time reading trashy novels and less time stacking wood.
    What in the world happened to that faucet?

  4. I love your zucchini sundae! You should get a prize or an award or something, Katie. That is the most original zucchini dish I’ve seen. And I’ve grown a lot of zucchini in my life.

  5. Your zucchini banana split cracked my screen when my face fell into it … that looks fabulous!

  6. Glad mon mari is home!
    Cute! Cute! Love your ‘splits. 😉 Fantastic idea.
    Tomatillos? I have only used them in salsas and chutneys. They are great roasted! Can’t wait to hear what you do with them.

  7. The zucchini sundae is hilariously wonderful. I can’t decide if I think it would be better cooked or uncooked.
    (There’s a banana split contest? I love banana splits!)

  8. I have a smaller version of green salsa I learned in Juarez working at a womens shelter. The Mexican ladies made fresh salsa for each meal though I can keep it for three days in the refridge. Peel the skins off the tomatillos Rinse cover bottom of a heavy cast iron pan with the tomatillos and a few jalapenos [ to your own taste] Turn a few times so they get partly cooked and browned [2 or 3 minutes on high] Throw them in the blender with a half bunch of cilantro, lemon juice and salt Blend one minute. No matter what proportions I use it always seems perfect.

  9. Meredith, he’s doing fine, thanks…. I’ve never been a fan of banana splits – more the hot fudge type.
    Pam, thanks – for both….
    Ina, I wasn’t too pleased with that LOL
    Tracy, you need bees to pollinate the female flowers – or do it by hand (like you have the time…) Salsa it is!
    Zoomie, I tried to pull the sprayer down – maybe a little too, uh, aggressively…. (in a hurry as usual)
    Christine, thanks – I’ll take your praise as my award
    Tanna, and it was delicious!
    Val. it brings out the inner child….
    Chris, I can’t wait to see what I do either!
    Laima, thanks for the link… I have fresh oregano in my garden :-))
    Elizabeth, it was excellent cooked with all those little cherry tomatoes making the sauce….
    Ma, thanks so much for the recipe…. I’m getting more every day….

  10. What beautiful tomatillos! Salsa with a little hot peppers and avocado. MMMMM! Also, I love your plumbing fix! That is exactly the way to fix it.

  11. Lannae, it worked and the tiles even matched – what more do you want?
    Shayne, I’ll try a green salsa – I have lots of ripe avocados… Thanks!