Acorn Squash stuffed with Ham and Quinoa; counting calories — 5 Comments

  1. Katie, thank you. THANK YOU so much for having a rational and healthy idea of what food and calories should look like. I admit to not eating as well as I should — too many of those “empty” calories, that are so easy to find here in the US — but it’s also damn hard to convince people that calories per se are not the enemy. And to find/take the time to cook real food.
    I think I’m being slightly incoherent, but overall the main idea is: YES! Long live yummy, good for you food! (I’m making a variant off of your zucchini/tomato bake that you recently posted tonight. The DH is off elsewhere so I can make zucchini be a main part of supper. 🙂

  2. I’m one of those fat women in France too. I lost a lot of weight going to an exercise club daily but it has slowly come back. My problem is wine I think. I’ve gotten so I can’t have just one glass and food tastes so much better with it.

  3. This weight issue dogs our lives sadly – I have decided to eat what I like but do as much exercise as possible in the great out doors to stave off the middle age spread.

  4. Katie – that looks so good! We had homemade fish and chips last night – not a meal to eat if you want to loose some weight (which I do), but it sure was yummy! I think I need to cut out some carbs, and your squash looks like the perfect dish to do just that.

  5. Laurie, thank you…. and I hope you like the zucchini…. I hate all the fad diets… Really hate them. So much wrong information.
    Linda, ah, yes, the wine…. One cannot have good food without the wine. Or even bad food…
    Manningroad, it was much easier to maintain my weight when we lived in Andorra in the mountains…. lots and lots of outdoor exercise.
    Ina, I love fish and chips…. with tarter sauce.