Bread Baking Babes do Sweden! Brunkans Långa!

Please, do not ask me to pronounce that!
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Gorel, of Grain Doe is the host kitchen, and she chose this wonderful bread from a bakery in Stockholm. 

It gets it's lovely dark color and deep flavor from the graham flour and muscovado sugar.

You'll find the recipe – and her story about the bakery, here.

This uses a sour dough starter, that takes 4 or 5 days to get ready.

And it's supposed to be baked in 2 foot long loaves…. or as close as you can get.

As usual, the biggest complaint was that it disappeared too quickly.

Click through the links to read all about each of the Babe's exploits with this Swedish delight.

Astrid's Loaf


Elle's Loaf



Natashya's Loaf



Elizabeth's Loaf


Susan's Loaf


Lien's Loaf


Gorel's Loaf


Sara's Loaf


Karen's Loaf


And the Babes:

The Bread Baking Babes

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Enthusiasms – Elle

Grain Doe – Gorel
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Kitchen with Puppies – Natashya
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Paulchens FoodBlog –
Sour Dough – Breadchick Mary

Wild Yeast – Susan

In case you're curious – with mon mari in hospital this month, and him being Type 1 diabetic and all, I'm baking less these days….

But, to maintain my rank as Babe, I am the (self-appointed) BBBBB (Bitchin' Bread Baking Babe Bibliothécaire).

12 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes do Sweden! Brunkans Långa!”

  1. I love seeing all these versions lined up!
    I know you are on a regimen to thumb your nose at the French weight chart makers, Katie, but I think you neeeeeeed to make this bread. It’s really amazingly good.

  2. I guess the amount of sugar in this bread isn’t exactly what ton mari needs, but I’m sure you can reduce it quite substantially.
    Katie, I LOVE these roundups! Thanks a lot, my dear Bibliét… Biblíoto… Biblétho… Babe-larian!

  3. Elizabeth, it’s more that mon mari doesn’t eat it and I have to eat IT ALL!
    Pam, they do, don’t they!
    Manningroad, all the Babes loved this one!
    Tanna, that always amazes me, too
    Gorel, I have fun doing it – and seeing all the Babes work ;-)) Babe-larian – like that
    Elizabeth, you should try this….
    Natashya, most welcome….. I eat vicariously…

  4. I love the round-ups Katie! My post is up as well, finally! I even have crappy pics! I really need to clean up my blogging act.
    Thanks for the round-up (although it makes me blush to see all the fabulous Babe pics…)

  5. It is amazing to see how the same recipe fry diversity.Excellent round-up! It is interesting how different Graham flour produced in different colours in the bread.

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