Bread Baking Babes do Sweden! Brunkans Långa! — 12 Comments

  1. I love seeing all these versions lined up!
    I know you are on a regimen to thumb your nose at the French weight chart makers, Katie, but I think you neeeeeeed to make this bread. It’s really amazingly good.

  2. I guess the amount of sugar in this bread isn’t exactly what ton mari needs, but I’m sure you can reduce it quite substantially.
    Katie, I LOVE these roundups! Thanks a lot, my dear Bibliét… Biblíoto… Biblétho… Babe-larian!

  3. And what an awesome Bitchin’ Bread Baking Babe Bibliothécaire you are! Thanks so much for the BBBabes round-up!

  4. Elizabeth, it’s more that mon mari doesn’t eat it and I have to eat IT ALL!
    Pam, they do, don’t they!
    Manningroad, all the Babes loved this one!
    Tanna, that always amazes me, too
    Gorel, I have fun doing it – and seeing all the Babes work ;-)) Babe-larian – like that
    Elizabeth, you should try this….
    Natashya, most welcome….. I eat vicariously…

  5. I love the round-ups Katie! My post is up as well, finally! I even have crappy pics! I really need to clean up my blogging act.
    Thanks for the round-up (although it makes me blush to see all the fabulous Babe pics…)

  6. Excellent round-up! Interesting how the different graham flours produced different colored bread. Thanks for being the cheerleader!

  7. It is amazing to see how the same recipe fry diversity.Excellent round-up! It is interesting how different Graham flour produced in different colours in the bread.