Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olives; it won’t be me…

The voting is in; the people have made their wishes known.

FoodBuzz’s Project Food Blog Challenge #1 is over.

And I didn’t make the cut.

Which comes as no surprise.

I didn’t spend the last 3 days tweeting or blogging for votes.  (Not my style.)

I realized, when I wrote my post, that it was likely not to win.

I’d written another earlier, nice one, talking about my love of cooking; how I carefully crafted each recipe and perfected each photo. (Not my style, either.)

Then I went back and read the instructions and they said something about ‘using your own voice’.

I reread my post.

Not a voice I recognized.

My voice tends to be opinionated, sarcastic and, occasionally, snarky….

My voice is likely not the voice of the next Food Blog Star.

So I redid the post.

The new post was more like me….

But I was pretty sure it wouldn’t win any prizes.

I was happy with that.

I signed up early on to compete.  I think it’s a wonderful contest and some lucky blogger will get a wonderful prize and a fantastic opportunity.

Once the challenges were outlined, with dates, I realized I wouldn’t be able to finish, even if I managed to advance through every level.  There were 2 challenges that, either do to travel commitments or technology, I wouldn’t be able to participate in.

So it would hardly be fair for me to take a spot that could be used by someone else.

I just wanted to help promote the fun!

But, as I am a good scout, and always prepared (sic) I made this wonderful, classic Moroccan dish last week…. Just in case I managed to advance despite my efforts.

I mean, after all….. It’s about the food!

I mentioned, a few weeks ago, that the fairy godparents at Amazon delivered two wonderful new cookbooks to my door.

Let me digress a moment: These were not free.  I have never, ever received anything free to talk about in my blog.  I have been offered free stuff: books, food, whatever; but, as soon as it’s discovered that I live in France….. Well, even the people who promise to send it, never do.  So let me assure you… Anything I promote I have paid for and am not being paid for.

Back to the book:


This is easily the best cook book I have seen in a long, long time.  The photos are wonderful, the information great and the recipes…..

Ahhh, the recipes…..

I haven’t found a single one that I don’t want to jump up and make immediately.

I even bought myself a wee present – a tagine.

This is my first ever foray into Moroccan cuisine….

It’s a classic Moroccan dish, popular for feasts, festivals and holidays….

And it doesn’t use a tagine…

Based on the recipe from ‘the food or morocco, a journey for food lover’s’.  (Slightly modified)

The recipe, Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olives , has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Chicken with Preserved Lemon.

Whole Moroccon Chicken with Lemon and Olive

This was good.

Really, really good.

The chicken was falling of the bones, incredibly moist and the sauce was wonderful.  I thought the cinnamon might be a bit overpowering, but it wasn’t at all.

And the kitchen smelled heavenly.

Do try this…..

And the best of luck to all the FoodBuzz bloggers who advanced to Challenge #2.

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19 thoughts on “Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olives; it won’t be me…”

  1. I didn’t pay close attention to the contest, but I wish I had known that you were in it because I would have definitely voted for you!
    What a sublime looking dish. And a very sexy tagine! 🙂
    I imagine that the kitchen smelled like heaven! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You really should have made the cut. I like your sarcastic voice. I have tried to join Foodbuzz, but they keep rejecting me for some reason. Wonder what I am doing wrong. The tagine is beautiful and the chicken dish sound delicious.

  3. Well, you are a winner in my book! I didn’t even bother trying to enter. This recipe sounded utterly fantastic up to the chicken liver part. Think I can just skip that??

  4. Love the tagine, the pot, I mean. Is this the Food Blog Star you’re talking about – you’ll always be a star, though I haven’t come around in ages!

  5. You were robbed… body of work should have been considered as well. I was surprised the number of people I heard from that had never seen my blog before and had no idea what it was about.
    Ah well, I’ll be in trouble soon if that is what it will take. Far as I am concerned, you are among the tops.

  6. Chez Loulou, the smells were truly marvelous…. hard to describe, tho LOL
    Penny, one nevers knows about these things – and thanks.
    Pam, thank you – and yes, you can skip the liver ;-))
    Thanks, Sra, I love my new tagine – the pot!
    Ina, thanks – on all counts!
    Magic, thank you – I decided to share unofficially LOL
    Gilli, well, they did say to use my own voice….
    Year on the Grill, Thanks for the kind words – and congratulations! I’ll share the glory through you ;-))

  7. Kate, I voted for you, and even though you didn’t win, I’ll still read you, and not them, so that makes me a winner in my book.
    Enjoy your well deserved vacation in the land of sky-blue waters. 🙂

  8. You were robbed. They wouldn’t let me vote. (Surely my vote would have tipped the scales in your favour.)
    We love roast chicken with preserved lemon and olives!! But we usually use the dried black Morrocan-style olives. (Hmmm, must try this with green olives now.) We have also never tried the chicken liver thing. That sounds amazing. Good idea to chop rather than mash. Mashed chicken liver sounds just a bit too weird (unless, of course, it’s for pate).
    I am horribly jealous that you have a tagine. So jealous that I might do something uncharacteristic. If you go into your kitchen one day and can’t find it anywheree, you’ll know that it was me that took it. But of course, because it’s yours, I’ll be happy to let you use it any time.

  9. Ah, Katie, I like the sarcastic snarky stuff.
    And I love that you bought a tagine, too! Unfortunately, I have only used mine once.
    And – sigh – I agree with LouLou. That is one sexy tagine.
    And a wonderful recipe.

  10. I voted for you, too bad, your voice is unique, glad you stuck with it. And welcome to the world of Moroccan cooking, it’s amazing! I have yet to get a tajine (so jealous! my potter sister keeps saying she’ll make me one, so I’m waiting patiently!) But moroccan cooking is so incredible (make your own preserved lemon, it’s so inspiring!)

  11. Looks like a delicious dish and I applaud your decision to post it. That’s been my plan from the beginning. I’m going to continue with the challenge whether I’m officially in or out.

  12. As a devoted follower, I enjoy listening to your voice in all its moods. Making preserved lemons has been on my list of to-do things for a while. The chicken looks delicious!

  13. I did vote for you but I guess I wasn’t enough to put you over the top. Your voice is one of my favorites in all of Foodblogdom and I’m glad you decided to remain true to yourself.
    And, hey, I have that book! I bought mine in Portland this summer. I also have a tagine but, like Mimi, I’ve only used it once. Maybe recipes from your kitchen will inspire me to greater tagine heights.

  14. I am drooling. It sounds so wonderful and I definitely have to hunt for the book. As for the chicken livers, I’ll have to seriously mash them or at least pick them out of my Honey’s portion before serving. If he can’t see it, it’s not there…. ;-D I do the same with eggplant, little does he know.

  15. brassfrog – well, you’re a wunner in mine ;-)) Thanks….
    Elizabeth, thanks for the warning – I’ll hide it. These were not the common green olive… I forget the kind, but they were kind of pointy and had the pits… Lut…something
    Mimi, there are so many wonderful recipes in that book – I have great hopes for me and my tagine….
    Kirsten, I’m going to try making the lemons when I get home…. I really like the flavor!
    Joan, well done and good for your… I did this one… we’ll see after that ;=))
    Simona, it was good – and thank you for the kind words….
    Christine, and this recipe didn’t even use my new tagine! You’ll love the book. and thanks for the vote!
    Ruth, what they don’t know won’t hurt – and is good for them, right?

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