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German Potato Salad; Bats in the Bath; Weekly Menu — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve done almost exactly that same thing with a bat, only it woke me up by investigating me about 3 inches from my nose at 2 a.m.! And there were no guys available, so my female roommate and I searched the entire house for it, carrying tennis rackets. We were housesitting our professor’s circa 1860 mansion (seriously; 3rd floor ballroom) while his family was in Germany for the summer.
    Finally we trapped the bat in the bathroom, and by the time one of our boyfriends could come and deal with it, it had drowned in the toilet. I was tremendously afraid it would cause a clog, but no one wanted to touch it, so one of the boyfriends flushed it anyway.
    Now I know a bit more about bats, but I still would scream and slam the door if one surprised me in the middle of the night!

  2. Wow..that would be scary to walk in on a bat flying around! We are getting cooler weather here too – a warm potato salad sounds wonderful.

  3. Tracy, I’m not actually afraid of them…. but they are so fast! And I really don’t want them in the house LOL
    Ina, it was very startling… I hated this as a child… love it now!

  4. Bats can sneak in through the tiniest of crevices. Just open the window or door and hope no other nocturnal creatures walk or fly in:D In the meantime we will have salad:D

  5. AAAHHH – bats! Did you see my bat post? – – there was on in Georgia. The first one I ever saw. It wanted to kill me.
    I didn’t know turning on and off the lights would help to irritate it, but I’m glad I know now.

  6. You are so funny. This totally sounds like something that would happen to me. I saw a bat at Central Park last week. Thoroughly unpleasant experience and I can’t imagine having one in my house.
    Love the potato salad! Comfort food. Um yeah.

  7. I let dogs out to wee in the night too, mostly only once though !! Thank goodness and I have had no bat encounters. Friends of mine did have a possum come down their chimmney though !!

  8. Your dog reminds me of my son when he was a baby. I woke up so many times during the night to clean him. Years ago I have tried hot potato salad in Germany and I liked it a lot. Yours look colorful and tasty.

  9. I love to see bats outdoors. The more mosquitoes they eat the better. But bats indoors…. brrrrr. It makes me look up nervously and be tempted to run and put on my headscarf.
    Mmmm, potatoes and bacon. What could be better? Hmmm, shouldn’t you put some garlic in too? What if the bats are – cue ominous music – vampire bats? (I know. My imagination gets away with me. Blame it on my current book: “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova)

  10. Val, we have big crevices…. no problem!
    Zoomie, I don;t have a problem with bats – or spiders…. outside!
    Tv food and drink – read that, hilarious!
    Joanne, I prefer them outside myself….
    manningroad, we had a racoon come down ours in Minnesota…. there are no screens on windows and doors here, so when it’s warm, and they’re open, stuff tends to fly in and out.
    Katerina, Germany is where I first had it – that I liked, too.
    Elizabeth, I didn’t look that cloesly at the bat – and I don’t think he was any happier about the situation than I was…. Thanks for the book tip – I’m going to be spending serious time in book stores in the US.