Grilled Dijon Burgers with Sweet Onions; the end of summer and the Weekly Menu — 5 Comments

  1. Our real summer is just beginning here – September and October are our hottest months, usually, and things continue to ripen here. I just cut 10 or so nice big Swiss chard leaves the other day, with more coming all the time. Luckily, we do still get barbecuing weather, too, so I’ll have to try your delicious burgers and onions!

  2. Our spring has just started along with enormous amounts of spring rain. Too wet this weekend for the garden but I have had spinach now for nearly a year – luckily I don’t tire of it and it has endless uses.

  3. Summer is turning into Fall where I live also and I love it for all the reasons you state. Plus we’ve got geese that will soon rise up in great, feathered clouds to make the trek to warmer climes – such a magnificent sight.
    Grilled burgers and sweet onions are second only to grilled oysters in my book. I’m happy for you that you found those sweet onions!

  4. Zoomie, the best is yet to come – how lucky for you!
    manningroad – ah, spring! Asparagus, soon. Love spinach, starting to get it again here.
    Ina, winter squash, apples… I love just-pi.jpgcked apples!
    Christine, We even see geese overhead here. Surprised the heck out of us the first time!