I’m a Food Blogger?! Bien Sûr! Shrimp with Fresh Tomato Chevre Sauce — 16 Comments

  1. Oh yummmmm – I have not tried goat cheese in a pasta sauce – what a great combo that would be! And I’m with you – I love to cook, and would rather eat my food than go to a restaurant – any day! Good luck in the contest! All of your recipes look amazing!

  2. Thanks, Pam…. I do not, however, have great expectations…. Just thought it would be fun.
    Year on the Grill – thanks – and good luck to you!
    Manningroad…. you are too kind ;-))
    Brassfrog, voting starts on the 20th…. I’ll let you know!
    Ina, I’ll put goat cheese in anything – love that stuff! (and thanks – for all)

  3. The other day someone asked me how to boil pasta, so I can empathize. So many people say that they can’t cook, and while instinct has some role cooking delicious food is mostly about paying attention and slightly meticulous. You’ve got one of my votes, I can’t wait to see what you have coming next.
    Lick My Spoon

  4. Well, rats!! I just tried to vote and I got a notice saying the voting was over. Rats rats rats. I trust you got enough votes though. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t have.

  5. Thanks Rochelle…. and Linda!
    Jacob’s Kitchen, thanks, and I voted ;-))
    Lick my Spoon, amazing, isn’t it? Thanks.
    Ah, Penny, kind words indeed!
    Joan, thank you so much. It is fun, isn’t it!
    Elizabeth, now I’ll know who to blame… LOL

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