Lasagne with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Basil and Mozzarella; the update — 8 Comments

  1. This looks quite tasty and not the usual “heavy as a brick doorstop” lasagne I’m unfortunately too used to. Also, I like how you contrast the five ingredients with the 250 pieces of wood in the article — funny. Are you saying something about guys v gals? Because ma femme always laughs at the number of instruments I use when cooking: “you need 47 tools to make toast,” she says. And I say, “but it’s the best toast you ever ate, right?”

  2. I have to say, I much prefer fresh flavored lasagnas like this! (It means I get to eat more and not feel guilty!)

  3. I’ve just finished reading all your posts from 2006 on. What a treat! My favorite subjects: home improvement, French culture and food. Kudos to your mari. His work is stunning. Keep up the good work and great photos.
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  4. Tikipundit, but I bet it’s good toast….
    Meredith, the pre-soaking really worked well.
    Val, it lets the flavors really come through – but I only make it late summer.
    Joanne, I’m a big fan of eat more / less guilt!
    Manningroad, thank you – you’ll like this – in a few more months ;-))
    Jubilada, Wow! Thank you so much…. You really did that? I’ll pass on the kind words to mon mari.
    mma shirts, – thanks… It was good”