Pork Loin Braised with Bay Leaves; how much meat? — 7 Comments

  1. The farmed salmon was a surprise – I almost always buy the wild kind, which is leaner but, still – a surprise!

  2. We are in that odd position in which the docs have told Charles to eat *more* meat. Interesting to see how they compare caloricly!

  3. Meat each day? Way to much! Regardless, I’m zeroing in on your pork roast….looks succulent and since I don’t eat meat each day – a double portion for me.

  4. I strongly agree with two of your posters above. Farmed salmon, never. As further impetus(for those in the US) not to buy farmed salmon, the new frankenfish salmon, AquAdvantage, is NOT going to be required to be marked as genetically modified by the FDA.
    And meat every day? We try get the majority of our protein from beans, lentils, pulses and other vegetative sources like seitan or tofu, plus fish.
    Sheesh! still overwhelmed with summer squash and tomatoes. Freezer is full so I’ve gotten out the dehydrator. 🙂

  5. Zoomie, I normally buy wild as well… I was just trying to give more common examples
    Natashaya, V too, protein and fat. He gets to eat lots of fat – the good kind, but still… I buy lots and lots of avocados
    Peter, I should have been more specific…. saying ‘meat or fish’ rather than ‘meat’ every day. My usual shorthand typing that is perfectly clear to me, LOL
    brassfrog, I would be happy eating more beans and lentils in place of the meat (or fish – see above comment) but V has to get lots of protein and watch the carbs…. And eating a lot of legumes isn’t good for him… Plus he has to watch his weight…. If I’m not careful he starts to lose and he really needs to gain! He normally has meat twice a day, me once (he makes his own lunch ;-))