Potato Timbales, Polenta Cakes; Kitchen Gadgets – do you or don’t you? — 15 Comments

  1. I am a gadget junkie – they make me happy.
    Great rings! I love how tall they are.
    I see those timbales in my near future..

  2. Hi Katie – great idea to use the rings for polenta. I have them too which I have always used for making homemade gluten free Hamburger buns – they are great! I also could not live without my 20 year old Moulinex Food Processor – great for pureeing soups, for smoothies, jams, breadcrumbs, coleslaw, making almond meal and the list goes on! Also glad I finally invested in a really good chefs knife…would be lost without it.

  3. Kitchen gadgets are like puppy love – you fall for them, then grow out of them quickly. I’ve loved and tossed a thousand of them. The ones that stuck are a simple veggie peeler, my self-cleaning garlic press, an egg slicer, a contraption that slices bread into very thin slices and an ice cream scoop.

  4. I’ve always wanted one of those mezza lunas but every time I look at one longingly, it’s nixed. (We have a couple of formidable sharp <strike>lethal weapons</strike> knives that work awfully well for chopping herbs.)
    Your timbales look beautiful AND delicious.
    I have a couple of rings like that that I HAD to have too. I can’t remember the last time I used them… it might have been to cut circles for tart lids. I was thinking about getting them out to make English muffins. Now I’m thinking maybe we neeeeeeed some timbales first.

  5. Julia Child was a fan of gadgets — or so the Smithsonian Museum declared when I visited her exhibit (replete with her kitchen!). (I couldn’t recognize most of hers for their function.) So you’re in good company. As for me, I love the meat pounder, the food processor, the remote thermometer, the lemon squeezer and the food mill. After that, yeah, I’ve got three drawers of “stuff.”

  6. I just splurged on an earth friendly nonstick ceramic pan. I love it. I do like my food processor, but I think twice before dragging it out because I don’t like to clean it.

  7. Like Meridith, my favorites are my ceramic pans (from Cuisinart). They include a warning, “if you use high heat your food will burn!”, they’re so conductive. Also, I love my Mexican combo lemon/lime squeezer, like Rick Bayless uses. But best has got to be my silicone “scoop” spatula. It’s a spatula where the blade is formed like a shallow spoon. It allows you to scoop that last bit of sauce out of the pan.

  8. Ina, I do use my blender, lots, but the food processor stays in it’s box.
    Natashya, I love gadgets, too…. especially cheap ones LOL
    Zoomie, the ice cream scoop is one that didn’t make it… still have the melon-baller, tho.
    Pam, it’s a garlic crusher – I love it… easy to use and easy to clean.
    Elizabeth, it’s the little cutting board that came with the mezzeluna that really makes it handy.
    TikiPundit, I wouldn’t be without the remote thermometer!
    Meredith, the cleaning is always what keeps mine in the cabinet. What kind of pan? I’m jealous…. Love new pans!
    brassfrog, okay, now I have to have some ceramic pans… I’ve got a dutch oven I love. Want more!
    tasteofbeirut, it’s just a little plastic gadget but it works so well.
    Marika, I got the garlic press from The little wooden lid pull was made by an old man that lives near a friend in the mountains.
    Nancy, I know… I still want them, tho ;-))
    Val, I should find out if he’s still making them….
    Nirmala, smart woman! I’m getting better. Moving has curtailed my urges a lot.
    manningroad, I don’t even know if he’s still alive – I’ll check it out on our next trip….