Quinoa, Basmati and Red Lentil Pilaf; the Update — 11 Comments

  1. Enjoy your trip! The weather here in MN has been cool and a bit rainy, but nice sun in the afternoon the last couple of days. Trees are just starting to change. If you are here Friday night, I’ll be teaching needlework at Ingebretsen’s in S. Mpls. (Lake Street and 17th, I believe) — stop by to say hi! They have an awesome deli! 🙂 (Ok, both shops close up at 5:30 and the class starts at 6, but I can be there early. There are knitters meeting at the needlework shop at around 3:30, and the deli has awesome cheese.)
    So for an actual food question, because the pilaf looks really yummy: Are your red lentils split? What I have that was labeled a “red lentil” looks to me like a red split pea. I’m just not sure if they are actually the same thing or what. They seem to disintegrate pretty readily in soup and whatnot, so I’m guessing they are at least similar.

  2. Delish, Katie! A very novel use all great textures. Thanks so much for joining MLLA (and the kind words)!
    Your bathroom looks wonderful. Have a great time in MN.

  3. Jubilada, thanks, I’ll tell him.
    Zoomie. thanks, but I’ll have some time to post – I think
    Laurie, I’m not in Mpls on he weekends, I visit my mother and she lives further south. I’ll check out the shop, tho, thanks. Your red lentils are the the same, they do look like red split peas.
    And to everyone else – thanks, I’ll tell mon mari… and thanks for voting, Penny