Basmati Rice and Chard Gratin; the Saga, Part V — 5 Comments

  1. I hope your trip back is a good one, and hope that your mother et al adjust and do well. I too have been going through the , icu, hospital, assisted living and nursing home care issue with both in-laws 500 miles away, then moved them here, then back 500 miles away over the past year and a half. It is a busy, hectic, exhausting time. Take care of yourself first.

  2. Looks good, but pretty sure you want your post title and the recipe title to say “chard” and not “card.” Just delete this comment after you fix it if you want.
    It makes me CRAZY when I do things like this!

  3. Ina, I had no idea it would do that.
    Lannae, it is hard, isn’t it… both the work involved and the reason for doing it all. Hard to see.
    Kalyn, thanks…. my fingers often don’t do what my brain tells them… (at least, that’s my story)
    Jeanne, ah…. the strikes…. I stay home, out of the way! (thanks)