Creamy Tomato Chevre Soup; the Saga, Part VI — 7 Comments

  1. Oh Katie…so much red tape! You must be so happy to have all of that behind you…and yes I have tomatoes – there is nothing better than tomato soup.

  2. I laugh everyday over your saga. I went through 18 months of hell at the Prefecture in Nice…so I can relate.
    I’m going to get some tomatoes tonight at the farmer’s market and make your soup with some left ovr goat cheese I need to use up. I’ll try and post about it.
    Enjoy the states!

  3. we have lots of tomatoes and I don’t know what to do. Thanks to the idea. You give me a great advice! mwaah

  4. Such a nightmare. Reminds me of a friend I had in high school whose father was from Spain. When he moved to the US he had to take a driving test and failed it. He complained loudly to the DMV guy that he had been driving for 20 years. I guess we all fall into bad habits.
    That soup reminds me of something I had in London once that was one of the all time best soups I ever had.

  5. Can there actually BE anything more frustrating that foreign officialdom?!
    “We are the precedent.” – love that line!
    And the soup looks good! We got a lot of green ones again this year so I guess it will be chutney again… Damn the English weather!!

  6. Val, holiday was great – tomato soup is always a favorite!
    Ina, very happy it’s done… of course, we renew every year.
    Meredith, it is funny – now! Hope you like the soup!
    Healy, we had more tomatoes this year than ever!
    Rachael, driving tests are scary, regardless of how long we’ve been doing it.
    Jeanne, green tomato and red pepper chutney! Yum!