Easy Macaroni and Cheese; Basic Cheese Sauce — 14 Comments

  1. if there is only one thing a young cook should know, is to make a proper sauce – with the basic bechamel, wonders can happen… great cheese n mac

  2. I love the orange color but did you know that’s dye? Natural cheese is white, or nearly so. Not sure I could face white mac ‘n’ cheese… it just seems wrong.

  3. What a handy list of cheeses that will and won’t melt.
    Your macaroni and cheese does sound fabulous. But then you put the photos of broccoli and cauliflower with your really beautiful smoooooooooth cheese sauces right afterward. THAT’S what I want!
    (Don’t forget to infuse the milk for the bechamel with a fresh bay leaf and onion….)

  4. Something to add, for the (shall we say) inexperienced, probably American cooks? Don’t use the pre-shredded stuff. They add stabilizers to it and it just does bad things. Really, get a block and shred it yourself.
    Ask me how I know this. :/
    Moving right along, the photos are *gorgeous*!! I’ve never seen cauliflower look that delectable, and I *like* the stuff. 🙂

  5. I found out the hard way that Morbier is a very meltable cheese but am now using that info to my advatage 🙂

  6. Thanks for the pics and the recipe. Delicious. Meunster and fontina are my favorite melting cheeses, and don’t forget about havarti!

  7. OMG – cheese heaven!! Nothing I hate more than a cheese sauce screwing up halfway through cooking it (and let’s face it, we’ve all been there!!). Nice tips on the melting properties of cheeses – and p0rny photos!!

  8. Val, I love cheese sauces – on almost anything.
    Peter, cauliflower cheese is the British answer to Mac & Cheese ;-))
    Drick, I agree…. I learned much too late… I kept thinking it was difficult!
    Zoomie, I didn’t know the orange was dyed…. Is nothing sacred?
    Thanks, Cindy….
    Elizabeth, I ALWAYS forget that…. must be a mental block
    Laurie, thanks about the photos… didn’t know about the shredded cheese. I shred my own.
    Meredith, thanks for the tip!
    TV Food and Drink, I did forget about fontina… I can’t get muenster or havarti so I didn’t know… Love them both tho
    Jeanne, Yeah, I really hate it when I do that…. thus the research! Thanks (about the photo)

  9. You reminded me in this post of a cheese dip I made for a party 20 years ago. It was probably my first attempt at a bechemel cheese sauce. The cheese never integrated quite properly and the dip was terribly runny.
    I’m a little better at it now. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing since mac and cheese is now something I can handle and my waistline is none too happy.

  10. I found out about the pre-shredded cheese from some other blog I frequent — goodness only knows which one! But I’ve tried to use it and it is just an unhappy thing. 🙁 Hopefully it will save some newbie cook some frustration.

  11. Rachel, I know just how that works LOL I’ve made my share of water-y glue….
    Laurie, one could just think it was the fault of the cook and not the cheese…. discouraging!