I’m still here…. Barely….

A wee break from previously scheduled posts:

I'm at the Assisted Living Apartments where my mother lives, and…. There's a computer with an internet connection!!!!!

So, here's what's happening in my world – the short version….

We spent 3 days in Paris and met another food blogger for dinner – wonderful, fun time.

I flew to the US on Wed., and have been running ever since.

I did all of my shopping for the trip (actually, for the next two years….) at a camera store yesterday.  I'll be on bread and water for the rest of the trip but I'm really excited about my new toy…. They even gave me classes to attend next week so I can learn how to turn it on.  Since I can't do any more shopping I might as well learn something.

Thank you all for all the comments – I've been reading them as I get a few minutes but right now I'm being called to go to lunch – it's 11:30 and we have to go quick or my mother's favorite restaurant will be full…..  I'll answer later…. sooooo busy….. 

Bye for now!

5 thoughts on “I’m still here…. Barely….”

  1. Have a good visit and we’ll look forward to the results of your camera lessons on your blog when you return.

  2. Just what did you break the bank with at the camera store. Keeping us in suspense are you? Phoenicia

  3. Peter, I am… the weather is absolutley gorgeous!
    Cindy, yes…. to so many bloggers I’d love to meat…. close, but not close enough… ah, yes, the shopping…..
    Zoomie, class starts tomorrow!
    phoenicia, absolutley…. have to break it to mon mari first (shudder)

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