Chili Peppers Stuffed with Goat Cheese; fire v furnace — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, delicious. I love love love chili peppers (only I also enjoy the hot ones).
    Sorry to hear about your heating problems! My LORD that thing sounds complicated.

  2. Ina, wood is reliable – but very dirty….
    Val – ;-))
    eatgreek, Thanks! It was…
    Lisa, it is…. and I think the furnace guy makes it more difficult!

  3. “And a whole bunch of other crap I don’t understand at all but am expected to make a decision about.”
    Sounds perfectly German!

  4. Helen, that’s horrid – esp this time of year…. Good luck!
    TikiPundit, yes, it does, doesn’t it!

  5. Haha – well, you’re not alone: my heater is gas and I still can’t get my thermostat to work right – it goes in 45 minute increments. The peppers look like a good problem solver, though – I’d be happy to dig into one of those!