Samosas, with Peanut Sauce; end of garden time

It was a sunny, fairly warm day today and I spent it working outside.

I weeded, cleaned and tidied my herb garden for winter.

Then I planted a few dozen spring bulbs to come up amongst the new herbs in a few months time.

That was all fun.

But, delay tactics only last so long.

I had to tackle the potager clean-up.

It was a melancholy task, unlike 6 months earlier.

I love the spring garden chores, tilling, planting, nurturing the seedlings….  It’s all filled with the hope of fresh summer flavors and a bountiful harvest.

The fall garden chores are filled with memories of all that was….   And the knowledge that winter is on it’s way.

In the spring I strive for a perfect garden (I said strive – not achieve).  I hoe, trim and thin, keeping it all as neat as possible.

In the fall I pull up and haul the dead plants to the compost heap but don’t really care if they actually get that far.  Anything that gets left will just decompose and fertilize.  It won’t get tilled until spring, it’s too muddy now and will only get worse as winter approaches.  Some weeds will germinate and grow over the winter… Regardless of what I do now, it will still be a mess in the spring.

So… Good enough is good enough.

Actually, that’s rather a cheerful thought (mentally tick off: garden – done!)

New subject: Have you ever noticed how many sheets of phyllo come in a package?  I need 2 sheets; I get 50.  Yes, I know it keeps for awhile in the fridge and can even be re-frozen, but, still….

To the purists, these would be fake Samosas, but we liked them. True Samosas are Indian, usually hot and usually deep-fried. Add hot sauce to the filling if you like.

The recipe, Samosas, Peanut Sauce, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Baked Samosas with Peanut Sauce.

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5 thoughts on “Samosas, with Peanut Sauce; end of garden time”

  1. Hey Katie… I cooked your meatballs, tomatoes and egg Tagine recipe today… Who knew I had one all along (used it to carry cupcakes).
    I did my post today about it (with proper credit).
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  2. Noooooooo!!! It’s not time for winter yet!! (I too have moved all tender perennials back indoors and am just about to go out to bring in the garden hose and turn off the outside water tap.)
    I love the sound of these samosas. So now I have a dilemma. Do we make Indian samosas (not usually that hot, actually) or do we make your ersatz samosas? What to do. What to do….

  3. Living in France, anything like this seems extra special. These look and sound delicious – will have to show the recipe to my husband who is so much more of the chef in this household! My mouth is still watering and added a new dimension to using a mouth-blown soldering torch in my jewellery workshop! Thanks, Gee.

  4. manningroad, I love it when things are both healthy and tasty!
    Year on the Grill, glad you liked it… and you found the proper use for your cupcake carrier!
    Elizabeth, sadly, yes, it’s time for winter… The good news is that means soups and stews. Make both kinds and do a taste test.
    Gee, It’s fun when one finds interesting things in the ‘International section’ Love your stuff – the compasses are gorgeous!

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