Stir-Fried Turkey with Spinach; Could you holiday the ‘French way’? — 11 Comments

  1. Katie – yes, we did it last January, Kona, Hawaii. 10 amazing days, swimming, lying in the sun,reading good books, sipping wine, cooking our own luscious meals, with just one or two days eating out. It was the best vacation ever. Now having said that, it was a long trip getting there, and coming back – not pleasant at all, but I have to say still worth it!

  2. Oh yeah, I was able to do it, each and every May that I spent 10 days in wonderful Arles…

  3. O cpuld do it if I only had tyo relax every morning on the beach. After that I’d just fall aslepp and who wants to miss a moment of a great vacation. I would be off doing stuff. I am headed to San Franscisco and have the potential to have every waking hour full.

  4. I think I’ll make this for supper tonight.
    I made your pumpkin gratin this weed…delicious!

  5. I can’t imagine a real vacation. I’m like you, it’s so much work getting ready for, and then catching back up afterwards, that it’s almost not worth it.

  6. True confessions – I can’t leave my lap top and I dread leaving the gym and I can’t relax without either of them being within cooee !!

  7. You made me laugh; I remember these days (my family lived in France for 15 years); well I say they have a point too; they know how to enjoy a vacation, a good meal, a good book, etc
    We are too conditioned to be always productive.
    Anyway, that dish with the pretty colors looks s appetizing! too bad you could not take it with you to your vacation~

  8. Ina, I would love to do that…. there’s just always so much to see – esp. if you travel far.
    Brassfrog, I do manage to do it when visiting our friend in Spain – in the mountains…. no choice there, but I enjoy it!
    Val, I’m like that – a little relaxation, but there’s always so much to see and do!
    Meredith, glad you liked it – hope this one works, too ;-))
    Joey, I always think I want to…. then don’t LOL
    Pam, I have to figure out a better way….
    Manningroad, both used to be tough…. Now my gym is in my house – so it can go with me. I left the laptop home when we went to Paris. The US doesn’t count ’cause I just borrow.
    Zoomie, have to have the books anyway ;-))
    tasteofbeirut, they definitely do know how to relax – and are amazed that we can’t

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