Stuffed Mushroom Caps; is there still truth in ads? — 7 Comments

  1. Welcome back! You’re right, our political campaigns are not the nicest part of American life. Thank heavens it will all end in November. Sadly, the partisan carping won’t end, ever.

  2. In Canada we used to see the negative campaigns as an American tradition, but we have gotten quite bad too, as of late.
    A little while back one provincial candidate referred to the other as a “kitten eater”. I’m still laughing. And a little scared.

  3. I absolutely agree with you about the Nutella commercial! And if she, the parent, can’t make her children eat a nutritious meal, of what value is she as a parent? I took a hard line with my child over food and as a result she still drinks only water or milk, and still eats small amounts of sweets and larger amounts of (raw) vegetables, even as a 14 going on 50 teenager!

  4. We think nothing of driving for hours in this country to get to our destination of choice. In Europe perhaps everything worth seeinf is much closer in the next village. I do know they walk a lot more than we do!!

  5. You are much nicer about that nutella ad than we are. We have screamed, foaming at the mouth, at the TV: “nutritious?!!” “to your kids for breakfast?!??” “can you spell ‘sugar crash’????”
    Personally, I can’t imagine anything more loathsome that nutella on toast for breakfast, but that’s just me. I’d much rather have those stuffed mushrooms. Now THAT sounds like a nutritious breakfast.

  6. Zoomie, it seemed worse to me than in the past…. maybe my memory is fading…
    Ina, it’s really kind of sad, isn’t it?
    Natashya, a kitten eater ?!?!? I’d be scared….
    Zanne, I agree – what happened to good old oatmeal? I still love it!
    Val, they say in England 100 miles is a long distance… In America 100 years is a long time.
    Elizabeth, I like Nutella on apples – 1 bite with Nutella for every 10 with yogurt…. But I really like a savory breakfast, too…