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The Cabbage Commitment revisited; Warm Cabbage, Mushroom and Walnut Salad — 9 Comments

  1. I actually like cabbage a lot, all types of cabbage. I agree with you that it is extremely versatile, and good. Nice recipe: I don’t think I have ever had cabbage paired with mushrooms.

  2. I love cabbage dishes! I also just made your Pumpkin Leak Sage lasagna in gluten free cannelloni – to die for! Will do a post with a link next week, thanks Katie!

  3. I love cabbage my mother used to totally overcook it then chop really well, season with salt and white pepper and lots of butter. I loved it. Had the leftovers on toast for breakfast. In Raro the cabbages were so fresh sweet crisp and cheap what more could one ask for Katie

  4. Simona, I really like it, too – especially the green!
    Glad you liked it, Ina!
    Kate, I stuff cabbage leaves – and yes, it is a lot of work. Easier with the green cabbage, though. You can get the leaves separated. And it’s worth it ;-))
    brassfrog, fried cabbage and peas…. must google (or you could send the recipe… hint, hint)
    Val, homemade sausage? Lucky you!
    Pam, three heads?!? That’s a lot…. have fun!
    Gilli, I just noticed…. You left the 10,000 comment on my blog! I should have a prize or something….. Cooked cabbage with lots of butter – yum… I’d eat that for breakfast any day!

  5. What a great salad! I love cabbage and all the dishes look so good but I have to try the salad. It’s wonderful with the walnuts and mushrooms!