Tomatoes Stuffed with Pesto; Crime and Punishment in Andorra — 12 Comments

  1. Katie, Just put a link for this recipe on my latest post. Will have to make this tonight! Looks wonderful!!

  2. Fun to read about the smuggling and that it’s still going strong today! It must have been an interesting place to live – did you choose it for the tax code?

  3. Katie!! Comparing a stuffed tomato with a stuffed carpet; hame on you! Now I’m trying to figure out how to weight the tomatoes with little stones and tie them up, to meet the requirements of the recipe.

  4. Elle, if you still have tomatoes left it’s wonderful – and so easy!
    Kirsten, thanks….. I try LOL
    Zoomie, we did… but I loved living there in the mountains – beautiful as well as interesting….
    TikiPundit, just remember it’s meant to be a suicide…..
    Thanks, Lisa. I love baked tomatoes, stuffed tomatoes….
    Ina, we heard lots of good stories there ;-))

  5. TikiPundit – a ‘Thyme for Murder’ production!?!? That’s hilarious! When is it coming out? I want to take the whole garden, er, I mean, family to see it!

  6. Whew — glad you liked it, Katie. I thought I’d be up on copyright charges, or there would be Andorran thugs “fiddling” with the ignition on my car.