White Bean Soup with Red Pepper Coulis; the Saga, Part II — 7 Comments

  1. Katie – you both have the patience of saints! Well, I guess you have to – looks like there was no other choice. That soup sounds so good, and how pretty too.

  2. What patience you have! I hope you’re having safe travels, and I love white beans. I have a lot in my freezer so perhaps I can make this soup easily.

  3. Tse-Sung Wu, thank you – hope you try and like the soup. I never think of freezing beans – must do that this winter.
    daphne, I love hot, creamy soups in cold weather!

  4. I’m glad Lydia featured this soup because it reassured me that your site was fine (even though my virus protection was still blocking it all this time.)

  5. How did I miss this (very pretty) soup? And with red pepper coulis no less.
    I always love reading about your trials and tribulations with French bureaucracy, no matter how far in the past.