Beef and Root Vegetable Stew; Do you write in cookbooks? — 14 Comments

  1. I am bad when it comes to my cookbooks! I write in them. A lot. I make notes as to when I 1st made the recipe. Who was over for dinner.Changes I made. Whatever. My oldest daughter doesn’t want anything from me when I die. Except my cookbook collection.

  2. Since the invention of sticky notes, I don’t write in my books but before that, oh, yes. I also turn down corners in paperbacks, altho’ I don’t do it with hard cover books.

  3. Rutabagas! 😀 I have an odd fondness for that vegetable. Glad to see it being included in a lovely beef stew.
    I don’t write a whole lot of notes in my cookbooks, but then again, a lot of what I use these days got printed off the ‘net, and I have NO issues writing on print outs if I think it merits it. One of these days I’ll pop those recipes into page protectors and use a binder, but right now they are in a stack in the cook book cupboard. it’s a little awkward.
    Work of art or tools of a working art depends entirely on the cook book, I think. Any Betty Crocker cook book? Fair game for sticky notes, notes, diagrams, whatever. Some of the beautifully photographed hard back mostly coffee table cookbooks? Work of art. I don’t have any of those. I just drool over them at the library sometimes. 🙂

  4. I like my reading books pristine, and get terribly offended when they are returned in bad shape. But cookbooks, oh no, mine are a mess. They are dripped on, splattered on, written on, with pages falling out.

  5. It’s easy to tell which recipes I use all the time because those pages in my cookbooks look a little worn and discolored, particularly in “Home Baked Bread and Cakes” for some reason. I do write on my cookbooks- it’s too easy to lose those post-its.

  6. Hi Katie – me again. I got invited to join a blog tag. Never been in one before, and wanted to pass along the invitation. Will do the post tomorrow, if you are interested, great, no pressure, only if you want to pass along this culinary fun. Thanks, Ina

  7. I write in cookbooks, like when the recommended cooking temperature is wrong for my oven, etc…sometimes I date when I tried the recipe, too.

  8. Cindy, and your collection will be wonderful for her – she’ll cherish the notes. Maybe I should try to loosen up LOL
    Ina, she was… and her cookbooks are, too!
    Zoomie, sticky notes are great! I’m totally the opposite with magazines – rip and tear and fold….
    Laurie, I love rutabagas…. hard to find here, though. A much misunderstood veg! My old Betty Crocker is pretty worn…..
    Manningroad, the hubs had a Joy of Cooking before I met him – can hardly read the pages he cooked from – covered in splatters!
    Emiglia, it is wonderful!
    Pam, I treasure my books – which is why I’ll never have a Kindle…. no point
    Kerry, I actually have a notebook for my notes – identified by cookbook. How anal is that?!?
    Ina, I’ll look ;-))
    Meredith, I always think I’ll remember that stuff – foolish woman!

  9. Interesting post! All of my books are in great condition except for some cookbooks. I have written notes all over them, including the date I made the recipe. Many grease marks and splatters on lots of them and you can definitely see which ones are used the most. Your stew looks very appetizing!

  10. Am enjoying reading novels on the iPad didn’t think I would. But cookbooks need to look like they are used you can always tell the favourites.