Braised Venison with Shallots and Mushrooms; the update — 8 Comments

  1. I am reminded how lucky you are to have a mari who can do all this stuff and, even better, seems to actually enjoy it! Or at least enjoys getting it done. Anyway, I’m impressed, both with your mari’s industry and with your venison stew.

  2. now this is a great stew, we do not cook with juniper berries in the south, well, not that much, but everything else along with the wine I do know makes for a fine pairing with deer meat – so many hunters around these parts who would love this one

  3. oh man would my husband go nuts for this one! Since we moved to Florida we havent seen venison in years maybe over 20. This looks absolutely fabulous! I will be booking marking if we should ever get lucky enough to get some again love love love this~

  4. I adore venison, don’t get to eat it very often, and am positively drooling over your stew! Maybe my son will bring some venison up for Christmas. I can hope.
    Your mari is a very clever guy!

  5. My neighbor in Germany was a retired stonemason and told me all about stonework. So I would love to come and learn about this. Thyme for a “work-ation” or whatever they call those working holidays.

  6. Zoomie, I am lucky…. I sometimes have to remind me, but usually I remember ;-))
    Ali, I love winter cooking!
    Kirsten, once and awhile I see it in the shops – but usually from New
    Zealand… I’d rather have local.
    Drick, I use juniper berries a lot with beef, too. You could always use gin….
    Claudia, there are so many deer in the Midwest too bad they can’t be hunted commercially
    Christine, when I lived in the US, I used to get it from my hunter nephew
    TikiPundit, come on over – lots of work!