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Bread Baking Babes make Cornucopias — 9 Comments

  1. thank you Katie! I am so sorry I had to opt out this time, at least for being in time for posting deadline. maybe I’ll be able to make mine this weekend.
    Love your roundup as always it’s so good to see them all together 🙂

  2. I love seeing all the cornucopie (cornucopiae???) on one page, Katie.
    And I have only one correction: this is all entirely edible. I know, because we ate ours. It was delicious.

  3. Val, nice of you to notice ;-)) (the Babe thing)
    Zoomie, the mice ate it.
    Baking Soda, you are so welcome….
    Astrid, this has not been a good month for you in the kitchen ;-))
    Tanna, thanks – and welcome!
    Ina, they are pretty, aren’t they?
    Elizabeth, Thanks, and somehow I knew you would – ever the practical one!

  4. Hello Katie,
    Thanks for posting the link to this amazing bread recipe collection on CookingUpAStorminCa.ning.com. Is the BBB series a book that you can buy or only available on your site alone?
    You did an amazing job of collecting some inspiring bread recipes, that is for sure and I want to give a standing ovation to all the bread bakers no matter where you are.
    Any time any of you want to share some of your bread baking prowess with more artisan bread lovers, go to BREAD STARS on Cooking Up A Storm All Over The World!(c) .
    Once again, Katie, I am so impressed with this BBB Bread Baking Babes. How long has the series been going on? Was it past 2009?
    Polly Motzko