Calcium: skip the pills, get it through your food — 9 Comments

  1. I think it’s a valid message, minerals and vitamins are much better when obtained through food rather than via supplements.

  2. I don’t take a supplement although by your calculations I probably should. Like you, I think the more you get from foods the better. But you also need to consider the esrtogen interaction with calcium as you age and it’s important to get weight-bearing exercise (like walking) every day to strengthen bones, too, especially if you are a small-boned or very short woman. A bone density scan is not a bad idea to get a baseline reading, too, to which you can compare later scans to make sure you are maintaining bone strength. And calcium is also important for cell function – okay, enough science!

  3. I eat so much cheese that I worry more about surplus cholesterol rather than lack of calcium.

  4. Thanks for the information Katie. I also do what you do…yogurt, cheese, greens, and a calcium supplement every other day or so…it just felt right for my body. Great research!

  5. I have a friend who has lost a lot of weight by giving up dairy – I just could not ever do that – yoghurt is such a big part of my life an so are capuccinos !!!

  6. Scott, I agree – but pills are easier than a healthy diet for a lot of people.
    Val, I make it lots – quick and easy
    Zoomie, you are so right. Nothing works better than weight-bearing exercise. And I had my first bone scan this year….
    Meredith I don’t think that it’s possible to eat too much cheese!
    Thanks, Ina!
    Manningroad I eat yogurt every day… I lost weight by not eating so much ;-))

  7. I was worried and now I know I am OK, I eat tons of sesame seeds!!!:)
    Seriously I tnd to adhere to the French philosophy, common sense and variety! I made grape molasses recently and use it in a lot of dishes and IT has oodles of calcium~