Cassoulet — 12 Comments

  1. That looks so good! I have been thinking about Cassoulet for weeks now. Not sure where I can get duck, I guess I could use chicken, but duck would be tastier. Love your oval enameled roasting pan too.

  2. I promise this is the winter I will make cassoulet.
    I may not make the authentic dish, but I will not sure canned beans. Yuck.

  3. My s-i-l makes the real thing, Toulouse-style, and even grinds her own sausage meat for it. It takes three days to make and tastes like food will surely taste in heaven. I, however, plan to make your version, which looks just as good and can be eaten the same day!

  4. You can get the duck confit by mail order from it’s excellent and no I don’t work for them I’m just a happy customer!

  5. Wow! This is some fabulous cassoulet! I’ve always been terrified of making cassoulet but your way looks doable. Oooh this is the best winter meal. Love it!

  6. Ina, duck would be better, duck confit the best ;-))
    Mimi, yuck is right! Especially if they’re not rinsed ;-((
    Zoomie, ah, someone making it the proper way… Must be wonderful!
    Cindy – it was ;-))
    Shayne, it’s worth the effort – esp. with leftovers!
    Charlotte, we love dcuk confit – don’t know of any supplier in US but…
    Thanks, guy, for the info for the UK!
    Jamie, this was my first attempt at anything close to the real thing and I was quite please with the result!

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