Lentil and Meatball Stew; Season’s Eatings; Weekly Menu — 10 Comments

  1. Oh Katie I’m with you I love it when the house is clean and there is enormous satisfaction when you do it yourself BUT I have hired a lady again. I really don’t like the cleaning. She does a very good job. Let the money go round I say. Now that stew looks great could be a good one for the grandchildren

  2. Cleaning is my nemesis too. Living by yourself helps a lot in the mess department. Of course in the kitchen I am a disaster with pots and pans of all shapes and sizes…but then there is always the dishwasher.

  3. Me too!!! Hate it! And, one of the worst things about being unemployed (until recently) for 9 months? I had to let the cleaning lady go. Oh…I yearn for the day I an hire her back. 🙂
    Excited about Season’s Eatings! 🙂 Gathering my items now….

  4. Ohhh Katie…I am seeing myself through your words…can so relate. I seriously need to clean my fridge. I am scared…oh yes I am scared…about what unholy growing things might be in there. I will tackle it tomorrow, wish me luck.

  5. We have to break our apartment up into sections as well. Because my attention span for cleaning only lasts about a half hour haha. It’s a good thing our apartment is so small…
    This stew looks delicious!

  6. I can sympathize, although I am considered a clean freak; my friend comes over and says: “Oh, I see you still have your beds” (because I also hate clutter and get rid of all things that dont get used or that I conider clutter)
    I guess it is all a mental thing;
    living with it is easier for you, so you just do; I find it harder to live with my high standards, so sometimes I call the cleaning lady and she comes over and makes me happy for a day or two.
    That stew looks great by the way.

  7. gilli, it was easy in Andorra, everyone had a cleaner! Here, no one does ;-((
    Val, having 2 big dogs and wet weather doesn’t encourage me!
    Chris, oh, how I know that. I don’t think I could here in French farm country. They’d probably kick me out of the village.
    Ina, for some reason, mon mari always cleans the fridge – lucky on that one!
    Joanne, I can push it for 90 minutes, but after that my vision dims and I no longer see dirt.
    manningroad, I had one in Andorra for $25 a week how left the house spotless. I cried when I said good bye.
    tasteofbeirut, without the dogs and construction site I could manage keeping a house clean – but with…. I start to shut down just thinking about it LOL

  8. You were pretty diligent to do all the chores by yourself! You could have asked for help from friend or a relative, so you could halve the jobs: you can have the window washing and clean out the corners while the other one mops the floor. BTW, I am so craving for that Lentil and Meatball Stew! I’m actually thinking of cooking that for tonight’s dinner!

  9. I wish I could see a sample of your extremely thorough job, Katie. 😛 For this reason, I assume, your windows are extremely clean and shiny. LOL! To make washing of windows fun, play some background music while washing! 🙂 I always do that.